18th November – I learnt a lot!

We love visiting France and try to go every couple of years so this little book has come in very handy!  French





17th November – Took my breath away


This tour guide is of France, the region of Provence. The page is open at Pont de Gard. It is an astonishing structure and when we saw it, it certainly took our breath away!


Stretched my mind

I wouldn’t say that I was a religious person but I went through a period in my life when I felt I should be.

This version of the bible was supposed to guide me into it as it had selected passages for each day of the year. It really did stretch my mind and I have to admit to not completing it!


15th November – Sparked my imagination

If you look carefully at the top of this book, you will see that the spine has been broken. This is from it being removed from the shelf on countless occasions.

We have had it for 25 years or so and it has really sparked our imaginations on where to visit. We began ticking the places off as we travelled. There is still a huge amount of Britain for us to explore!


14th November – Favourite reading spot



As you know I read in the bath. That’s more out of necessity than choice! If I did have more time, you would find me curled up here!


13th November – Back Lists

I was a bit stuck with this one hence the late posting. I opened our cabinet that holds lots of our hardback books and realised that we do have ‘collections’.

Here you have a range of titles from Alexander McCall Smith who has already been mentioned this month.

You’ll also see Patricia Cornwall, in keeping with my love of mystery stories. She writes graphically about forensic science. I sometimes fancy myself as one of those but I don’t suppose it is like CSI on TV at all.

Nick’s book interest is also here. He is passionate about music and football!

Do you have a collection? Which author is it?


Nov.12th – Favourite reading accessory

At the moment, my time is being taken up ‘doing stuff’ so sitting and reading rarely happens.

I do make sure that I open my reading book every day though. So here are the two accessories I always use!


Nov.11th – Hear the voice

I found this one quite difficult but then I remembered Stephen Fry!

I have been a fan of his for a long time and followed him when I first started on Twitter.

I can hear him in this book



Nov. 10th – Improved my vocabulary

When I was accepted into college, I was given the name of a ‘College Mother’ (it was just girls!).

The idea was to have a contact before you got there that you could write or even meet up with. Once at college, you would have a friend and someone you could go to if you had any problems. College Mothers were 3rd year students and they had all the information and knowledge a newbie needed.

Unfortunately, my College Mother decided to leave her course during the summer before I got to college. She got in touch and offered me her books and other bits and bobs including a cape that was part of the uniform.

This book was hers and when I collected it at her home on the south coast I had no idea what a thesaurus was! I have used it constantly over the years and it sits proudly on my shelf in my study.



Nov. 9th -Read over & over

I’m going on a train journey tomorrow on my own!

So, I have been studying this!



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