1st September – Pencil

It was supposed to be a picture of no.2 pencil but this is my prop when I'm presenting. It is a BIG pencil that fits my avitar on Twitter!



31st August – Negative Space

I wasn't sure if this works at night but ….



29th August – Disitnctive

This was my grand mother's. It is amethyst. If you look carefully, you may see written on the silk in the lid the jewllers address 'Cairo'.

She owned what was the largest hotel in Cairo in the 1920s. It was called 'Warwick House'. One day I must research it.



28th August – Back packs

Whether it is Super Heroes, Cheeky Monkeys or a plain canvas sack, you can really go to town with what's on your back now!



27th August – Two of a kind

When there are two of you and you share the same taste, there are often 'Two of a kind'.

To be honest, we often try to have something different so we can share and have two tastes! This time though, they didn't have a choice :(



26th August – Making plans

It's that time of year isn't it? Getting ready for school, saying goodbye to summer?



25th August – Tradition

It is August Bank Holiday here in the Uk. We live near a cricket ground where they have been preparing to host England v India in a one day match.

This is the tradition….

Yes – it's pouring with rain with very little hope of any play :(



24th August – Where I stand

Well, it's Sunday so it's topping up the bird feeders.

Do you feed garden birds? Are they fussy eaters? Ours prefer certain containers and particular seeds but I'm sure if there was nothing else, they'd eat it!



23rd August – Portraits

Here are Angela and Rob. They have appeared in my blog before but didn't like the photo( Angela & Rob). I like this one, taken without them knowing and given the Paper Artist app treatment.



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