15th December – Present

I was tempted to post a picture of a present wrapped up but we are having problems finding sheets as opposed to rolls of Christmas wrapping paper, none of them have been covered!

So, I thought it was a good e cause to introduce you to the lads! Our decorations that keep us company at this festive time of year!! All Present and correct!


14th December – Us

This couple are our new decorations for the Christmas tree. We bought them in Edinburgh while we were sheltering from the snow.

They are made of felt and are very jolly!!
I think it is clever how their maker gave them a gender just with colour. Which is the male for you?


13th December – Down

As you know ( I think I told you!) we were in Edinburgh last week. We saw all sorts of weather – beautiful sunshine that was really warming: rain that got us very wet : rain that hurt with it's ferocity and coldness: snow – pretty when you're not out in it!!



12th December – Star

We have finally got round to getting out our decorations.



11th December – Green

BIt of a rush this one – the table decoration in the bar at the Murrayfield Hotel.



9th December – Up

We have come to Edinburgh in Scotland for a few days. That meant travelling UP north. We love this city and still find the castle up on the hill quite stunning even in the darkening light of a winter day.



8th December – Sweet

I went into school today for my normal chat with the head. I also met a new parent governor. He is very interested in helping the school which is great.

I was invited to join the SLT (senior leadership team) meeting at the end of the day. It was the birthday of one of them so I had to have some cake – yes?!


7th December – Relax

Fallen a bit behind again but managed this for Relax today.


As you know it’s usually the only place I can get to read!



3rd December

Today, we went to Cheltenham to visit an elderly friend Virginia. She used to  keep an eye on our flat that was across from her house in Canterbury. We had bought it as a bolt hole when I was a head teacher and needed somewhere to get away.

Virginia moved to Cheltenham a few years ago to be nearer her family after she had fallen whilst shopping.

It was a great adventure because we went on the bus! While we were waiting I couldn’t help but notice the huge bunches of mistletoe on the trees.

I suppose it is because there are no leaves but I’m only aware of it at this time of the year!



2nd December

‘Getting ready’ has spurred me to try to lose a bit of weight. So while we were Christmas shopping, rather than having a sandwich, I had this delicious salad at Prêt a Manger.



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