21st October – ‘U’ Undone

Here they lie. My faithful foot companions that are now resting after a session of exercise that built up a bit of a sweat!



20th October – ‘T’

We had to come out for a summit meeting about what to do about 100 Word Challenge.

I had tonic. Promise there was no gin in it!!



19th October – ‘S’

Today is my friend Janet's birthday and she is a fiend for cakes. Her favourites are tea cakes but she would happily consume this fruit scone. Happy birthday Janet!



15, 16, 17, 18th October – O,P,Q,R

Another catch up!

Orchids, Pumpkin, Queue, Roses


12, 13 14th October – L, M, N

Cheating a little but here are:

leaf, money ( in a fountain) and of course Nick!


11th October – ‘K’ Kick

We've been to football today. It was a dire game but I did manage to catch one of our players kicking the ball!



10th October – ‘J’ Me!

I presented a 4 minute resume of 100 Word Challenge on a Google hang out. There were 3 other presenters and lots of people listening / watching. At the end of the session the audience was asked to vote on the one they thought would be most useful.

Guess what!




9th October – ‘I’ Inside

Linked with 'H', it's the inside of what the ham was on!



8th October – ‘H’ Ham

Struggled with this and the next one so combine them!



7th October – ‘G’ Grey

It probably more black but it certainly is GREY!



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