6th July – My Name

This coaster was given to me by a dear friend who used our second home one summer. She left lots of small gifts all around the place for us to find!

I'd like to think I match some of these qualities!



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2nd March – Part of me

The theme for today is an ideal opportunity to show off my Scrummy grand daughter. She loves a camera and I'm sure you'll agree – the camera loves her!


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1st March – Something beginning with ‘R’

After our amazing trip ( which you will be able to read about over at Julia's Place once we've got ourselves sorted!), today's theme was ideal as a homecoming – Return.

It has taken us a few days to get things unpacked and put away and this was the last case to be sorted. It has lots of bits and bobs in it that all need to be looked at. I know they will bring back some of the wonderful memories we have made. Just need to get rid of a bit of jet lag!!




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10th February – This inspires me

Saw this in Marks & Spencer Singapore and just thought ‘if only’!!


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9th February – Energy

Forgive the likelihood of photos connected to our trip.

Today we visited the Long Bar in Raffles Hotel here in Singapore. You are expected to drink Singapore Slings and eat peanuts and throw the shells in the floor!

Well it has to be done doesn't it?!

While we were there, I noticed these fans. They move very gently back and forth. I couldn't help thinking about the little man who would have been expected to fan everyone when the bat was first set up. He would have expended far more energy than these I'm sure!




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8th February – In my bag

We spent most of a day packing for our trip before we left. All very ‘military operational’ with hubby. We had divided the trip into two and packed each case with clothes for us both. This was to prevent one if us losing our clothes if one case was lost.

Of course, in the case of both suitcases going missing, we had the hand luggage. Now this piece of luggage had caused us problems right from the start. Was it too big? Would it hold enough? Would we be within the correct weight? The one thing we were sure of was we had spare underware available!

As we were packing, the hand luggage became where we threw everything we thought we might need or we might need to ‘show’ hence the multitude of leads and plugs that were in it. As you can see though, we were preparing for SUN!




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7th February – Stripes

Have you ever looked at the packaging and design of men’s after shave? Hubby likes to splash it all over so he gets through a fair bit.

This box just fitted today’s theme.



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6th February – Makes me smile

As you all know, I had a birthday recently. I was thoroughly spoilt by everyone, even my two year old grand daughter.

She was given the chance to select a bracelet for ‘Ganma’ and this is the one she choose. I am taking it on the trip and hopefully you will see Brontë’s Bracelet in some very exotic places!!



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5th February – Something blue

During our visit to Laycock Abbey, we saw a pair of these sculptures.


I leave it to the designer to explain her creations.


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4th February – Reward

Having packed for our round the world trip we deserve this!



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