18th May – 138/365



Grrrrr! I am adding two words to today's theme and thy are FUN AND…..

As those of you who follow this blog and Julia's Place will know I always have a jig- saw puzzle out on the table. I find they help me calm down and take a break from this busy world.

This one is of a favourite place of ours 'Corfe Castle' in Dorset. It hasn't taken long apart from these few pieces. I have been working on them for days! I've even taken to turning it upside down so that the sky is nearer. What do you leave until last to do?

Definitely 'Fun and GAMES'!



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One Response to 18th May – 138/365

  1. I LOVE puzzles but I cannot leave them alone until I’m done. I like to sleep, but when am working on a puzzle, nothing else matters. I haven’t touched one in years for that reason. I do the outside first. Usually, I will start with whatever seems to come easily. I might do this in batches, then put the batches together…and so on.

    NICE puzzle you have here.

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