25th May – 145/365

In a muddle

Well, my friends on Twitter will know I was in a muddle trying to think of something for today. Someone even suggested I cheat (shock, horror).

However, no worries. I have a true entry. We went out for an early evening drink and I saw these flowers.

When I was little, my uncle, who was a merchant seaman used to bring these home. I think they were from his trips around the Cape of Good Hope and South Africa. I was told they were called ( what sounded like) Chicory Cheese and that is what I still call them.

Looking them up on Google however,I find that the flowers of the chicory plant are blue and nothing like these!

So,come on – what are they called? I’m in a muddle!

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One Response to 25th May – 145/365

  1. These flowers are so pleasing to look at, I almost smell them. Alas, I have no clue what they might be called.

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