31st May – 151/365

That Friday Feeling!

When I was a head teacher, hubby would come to school about 5pm on Fridays. I would be pootling about tidying papers that had piled on my desk, chatting with staff about their week and their plans for the next two days which I had generously given them off!!

It was a super time at school. The quiet after the noise of the children and learning of the week was very relaxing. I loved it. By the time we left ( hubby locked up so that the caretaker could 'get off early') it was 5.30ish and we headed for the pub!

It was a great feeling. I felt that I had earned that drink and that evening. Friday nights were brilliant!

Now that we are retired our Friday night drink has been continued. We try to maintain a 'working week' where Monday to Friday we do our jobs and have a routine. That means that come Friday, that feeling of reward is still there!


(The trip to the pub last night was a half term treat! Honest!)


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One Response to 31st May – 151/365

  1. Sounds good to me. Why fix something if it still works. Yay.

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