14th June – 165/365

Book to recommend

“People who make their own rules

when they know they are right…

people who get a special pleasure out

of doing something well (even if only

For themselves)…people who know there's more to this whole living

Thing than meets the eye: they'll be

With Jonathan Seagull all the way.

Others may simply escape into a

delightful adventure about freedom

and flight”


I was given this book in 1983 and it has been my companion ever since. Neil Diamond put music to it and that is on my favourite play list too. It is a wonderful read for a teacher!



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One Response to 14th June – 165/365

  1. Richard Harris, the actor, did an outstanding reading of the book. I heard it on the radio in 1977 and will never forget it. It was soooo wonderful, I forgot to turn the lights on as the sun went down and didn’t realize it till the story was over.

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