Nov.6th – Comfort read


If you follow me on Twitter or frequent my blog Julia’s Place, you’ll know that I am a great fan of Alexander McCall Smith. I’ve met him you know! Had coffee at his house!

He has a number of series that he adds to regularly. Scotland Street is about a street in Edinburgh: the first Ladies Detective Agency – female detectives in Botswana: Isobel Dalhousie novels – gentle tales of a woman living again in Edinburgh: Corduroy Mansions – similar to Scotland Street but a block of apartments in Pimlico.

I love them all and know that one of them in my hands is definitely a ‘Comfort Read’.




We are due to visit Edinburgh in Dec and I’m hoping to catch up with ‘Sandy’ again. It was his idea that I did something with The Head’s Office and I want to show him what has happened since we last met!



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4 Responses to Nov.6th – Comfort read

  1. This is sooooo exciting! I love his books and have been collecting them. Have only read two so far but they’re handy in case it snows and I don’t need to go anywhere. 🙂

  2. jfb57 says:

    I can hear their voices & love the ‘Mma’. When I Skyped with a school in Nigeria they called me Mma!

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