Nov. 7th – Makes me love paper

Soon after I met and married Nick, I gave up work. It was mainly due to anxiety and all told I had 2 years away from school. During that time, I looked for things that I could do that would help calm me as well as provide a focus.

I found it in calligraphy. I went to classes and really loved it. You have to REALLY concentrate and by focusing on the inks, nibs and paper you become very relaxed. As a left-handed, I had great fun trawling the art shops to find the right equipment and as you can imagine, I loved coloured ink. The paper was also of great importance so many hours were spent in stationery departments.

Many of the books I bought at this time were about technique and design. This one though was for inspiration. Not so much for the texts, although they were full of hope: no it was to look at the patterns and shapes that the writers had created.

Actually, I like to think of them as artists. If you get the chance do go and see the Book of Kells in Trinity College, Dublin. Now that is art in it’s purest form!



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6 Responses to Nov. 7th – Makes me love paper

  1. Colline says:

    I love the art of calligraphy and spent many teenage hours perfecting the art 🙂

  2. I’ve never had a personal passion for calligraphy, but I do appreciate the time, patience and loving hands that create it. I have an old bible that has that artwork inside and I love those pages.

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