Nov. 8th – Recommended by a friend

My friend Janet recommended Kate Atkinson to me when she found out that I love detective stories. I didn’t realise at the time, but they are about Jackson Brodie. I had seen a TV series with Jason Isaacs in the lead role so when I came to read the first book I felt very comfortable with the characters.

The books are well written and Atkinson’s characterization is very thorough. Not only did Janet recommend but she also gave me the copies. Do you recycle books with friends? I have read pieces by authors who have said the recycling of books to friends or charity shops is putting them out of work and that soon there will be no books. Views?

Then of course there are Kindles and online books!!!! That is another discussion!



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3 Responses to Nov. 8th – Recommended by a friend

  1. That’s a huge conundrum. If recycling books by sharing is taking money out of authors’ pockets, can the same be said about libraries? 😦

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