Nov. 10th – Improved my vocabulary

When I was accepted into college, I was given the name of a ‘College Mother’ (it was just girls!).

The idea was to have a contact before you got there that you could write or even meet up with. Once at college, you would have a friend and someone you could go to if you had any problems. College Mothers were 3rd year students and they had all the information and knowledge a newbie needed.

Unfortunately, my College Mother decided to leave her course during the summer before I got to college. She got in touch and offered me her books and other bits and bobs including a cape that was part of the uniform.

This book was hers and when I collected it at her home on the south coast I had no idea what a thesaurus was! I have used it constantly over the years and it sits proudly on my shelf in my study.



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3 Responses to Nov. 10th – Improved my vocabulary

  1. A well-thumbed and well-loved book. ❤ ❤

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