8th February – In my bag

We spent most of a day packing for our trip before we left. All very ‘military operational’ with hubby. We had divided the trip into two and packed each case with clothes for us both. This was to prevent one if us losing our clothes if one case was lost.

Of course, in the case of both suitcases going missing, we had the hand luggage. Now this piece of luggage had caused us problems right from the start. Was it too big? Would it hold enough? Would we be within the correct weight? The one thing we were sure of was we had spare underware available!

As we were packing, the hand luggage became where we threw everything we thought we might need or we might need to ‘show’ hence the multitude of leads and plugs that were in it. As you can see though, we were preparing for SUN!




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One Response to 8th February – In my bag

  1. Sounds you have packing down to an art. I don’t do it often and find it rather challenging. 😦
    Fun in the sun is great! ❤

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