3rd February – Water

I was trying for a bit of an arty shot with this!!

Anyway, my bubbly bath after a busy day!



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2nd February – Mail

Bit of a cheat with this one I’m afraid!



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1st February – On my plate

A tasty taster before our indian meal!


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31st January – On Top

imageWe are visiting the family and visited a local garden centre. Little one found the spinning tops!


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30th January – Fave food

Well in an attempt to share more of our visit to Hampton Court and to distract you from thinking my favourite food is cake (!) here is the sovereign's chair at the table in the Great Hall.


From the details on the audio guide, you'd be hard pushed not to eat your favourite as the menu had to be extensive enough to impress all visitors even those from afar!


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29th January – Winter

During our visit to Hampton Court we ventured outside to the famous gardens. They certainly shouted 'It's winter!' with the lack of colour but also with the way the statues had been wrapped up.

I wonder whose job that was?





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28th January – Strange


Another nugget from Hampton Court.

Well would you have these guys holding your mantle piece up?


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27th January – Morning

Had to attend a strategic briefing for governors and head teachers. It is good to see they realise that starting with a Danish pastry helps!



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26th January – Three things

As you may know today is my birthday. We had a very chilled day which included a visit to Laycock Abbey in Wiltshire. It is a National Trust property which has an exhibition of sculptures in the grounds based on the theme of snowdrops and winter. I'll write about the trip over on Julia's Place but I have selected three things from our visit – christmas roses, a strange looking telescope object and CAKE!



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25th January – Black and white

More from London and Selfridges. These frocks will set you back a pretty penny!



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