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11th October – ‘K’ Kick

We've been to football today. It was a dire game but I did manage to catch one of our players kicking the ball!     Advertisements

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March 8th – In the corner

Lots of these at a football match!  

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Number 35 / Tuesday 4th Feb

Football This evening I will be watching Stevenage v Gillingham.    

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30th December – 364/365

Journey Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@theheadsoffice) will know that I accompany hubby to football matches, mostly involving his team Gillingham which is in Kent. Living on the other side of the country means that even a … Continue reading

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23rd November – 327/365

The letter Q Here's himself queuing for my coffee before the start of the football. Had I known how awful the match was going to be, I would have ordered a large gin!!    

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27th October – 300/365

Toes Footballers feet!    

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4th October – 277/365

Not round Well this item is usually expected to be round. It is very difficult to play with if it isn’t. However, this ball is only played with once a year. It is at least 10 years old so hadn’t … Continue reading

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30th September – 273/365

Rare Now for those of you who don't follow football, listen carefully.   Hubby ( and by association, me) support a team called Gillingham. They have had a really bad start to the season, not winning any games – either … Continue reading

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11th August – 223/365

Smiles Now this a remarkable photo. There are smiles of sorts on all the faces and yet they have witnessed our football team (Gillingham) lose by 4 goals to nil against Wolverhampton Wanderers. The score was not the problem really … Continue reading

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8th May – 128/365

Bring a fan This is such a clever theme. I was thinking about vaulted ceilings!! However, I give you a fan! It is hubby's birthday soon and he wanted a new football shirt so as we are in Prague we … Continue reading

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