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5th February – Something blue

During our visit to Laycock Abbey, we saw a pair of these sculptures.   I leave it to the designer to explain her creations.   Advertisements

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29th January – Winter

During our visit to Hampton Court we ventured outside to the famous gardens. They certainly shouted 'It's winter!' with the lack of colour but also with the way the statues had been wrapped up. I wonder whose job that was? … Continue reading

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2nd October – ‘B’

  Sharing another sculpture from Broomhill. We made sure to take care when walking under it. The title? ‘Boulder’! I have no idea of the story behind it and how on earth they got it there but it makes a … Continue reading

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23rd July – Macro

We have been visiting Hever Castle, in Kent today. This chess set must be MACRO!    

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1st July – Red and white

I've been lying down in my garden trying to get all creative! Here is my new white hydranger standing proud with my very established red fuchsia.      

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30th April – 120/365

Grass I went out in my slippers and PJs this morning for this one! Can you see the dew?    

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21st April – 111/365

Broken I had a little look in the garden for today's picture. Nature can provide us with such beauty but she can also destroy. This pot has been broken by frost, rain, snow and possibly a little help from a … Continue reading

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17th February – 47/365

Another cheat (we’re away & I’m trying to have some down time from IT!) for the theme ‘Green’. This shot was taken at Jardins D’Eyrignac in the Dordogne, a wodeful place for all those who love gardens and walking.

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