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3rd February – Water

I was trying for a bit of an arty shot with this!! Anyway, my bubbly bath after a busy day!     Advertisements

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11th August – Trails

Love this – pedestrians, water and traffic all have their pathway!  

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1st August – My everyday

I have decided to have a go at upping my water consumption. Apparently, if you drink 2-3 litres of water each day your complexion improves and you feel great. So, that means, my everyday for the moment is drinking 9 … Continue reading

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28th a July – Cool

Spotted with her feet in the pool in an Avignon park!      

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24th July – Water

Water fall at Hever Castle, Kent      

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21st July – Basic

The staples of life? Sadly, some don't receive these.    

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26th June – Dreaming

For this theme, I am a duck! This photo was taken at Stourhead ( like yesterday). It is a shot if the beautiful lake but as you can see, there is very little water in this part. The National Trust, … Continue reading

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15th December- 349/365


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25th September – 269/365

Star Sign I’m Aquarius – the water carrier. This hanging basket always misses out on any rain but it is too high for me to reach so hubby has to do the honours. I’m sure the pansies will recover!

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31st July – 212/365

Water Feature This is very cheeky but as others have said with this theme, it has water ( rain) and attractions! People pay good money for these items you know!      

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