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22nd January – Collection

We are in London for a few days and had planned to visit Westminster Abbey. Unfortunately, when we got there, we missed the opening by 5 minutes (or should I say closing!). Anyway, we decided to go to one of … Continue reading

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14th August – Favourite Food

Now, I like fruit. We eat a lot of it at home so when we are out for the day, it can be difficult to fit it in. So, it was really good to have one if our 'One a … Continue reading

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13th August – Homegrown

Another from our London trip. You MUST go if it is possible. It is 'Blood Red Lands and Seas of Red', an installation of ceramic poppies at the Tower of London by Paul Cummins to commemorate 100 years since the … Continue reading

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12th August – Resilient

During our recent trip to London, I was caught on a traffic island surrounded by lots of different vehicles and I spotted the Royal Exchange. The building was started in 1566 and there it still stands! It's columns proclaim it's … Continue reading

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18th June – Quirky

I took this on a recent trip to Camden Market. There is a street with several examples of this sort of frontage. you can see a dragon HERE that was to entice diners into a Chinese restaurant. This is more clear … Continue reading

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Number 30

Magical Gold Man Now, we have no idea how this was done. He is suspended in mid-air! Honestly!    

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Number 25/26/27

Number 27 More spoiling for the birthday girl! Beautiful flowers from my wonderful friend Cherise!     Number 26 It's my birthday!! What a spoilt girl!!       Number 25   Folks just going about their business in Traffalgar … Continue reading

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Number 24

Chinese Delight As part of our trip to London we had to taste the delights of China Town! It is Chinese New Year on 31st Jsnuary so the place was dressed for the occasion!      

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#twisi – Number 23

London We had a wonderful day walking around London. We visited the Museum of London including their amazing Cheapside Horde which is a huge collection of jewels discovered in 1912 in a cellar in Cheapside.   We then took the … Continue reading

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#twisi14 – Number 22

Journey on a Train On this day, I travelled to London for a conference and here are some of the photos of the trip.    

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